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What is a 730 Child Custody Evaluation?


Usually, the California Family Court Judge orders a Child Custody Evaluation which is also coined as “730 Evaluation” in order to look into the parenting practices and mental health of either one or both of the parents. Despite the fact that it is the order of a Judge for the Evaluation, either of the party…

Permanent Alimony Explained

alimony picture concept

Alimony or spousal support has undergone many changes in the last few decades; no longer is it standard in divorce cases and no longer should one spouse expect a certain amount from the other spouse when they divorce. However, permanent alimony is still a provision in many areas although it may not work exactly as…

What Follows the Complaint in a Divorce Case


A divorce process can be long and difficult for both parties, or it can be relatively quick and painless if both spouses agree to a swift resolution. Understanding what happens after a divorce complaint is filed can help both parties come to a quicker resolution or better understand what to expect so that the process…

Talking to Police During an Arrest


In the United States, people have the right to remain silent before the police and during arrests and questioning. In a court of law they may be compelled to answer questions or face a contempt of court charge, but during an arrest a person is not legally obligated to answer questions or provide any information…

Can You Expunge a DUI?


A DUI or driving under the influence charge can seem to punish a person long after they’ve paid all their fines and fees, attended their classes and served any time in prison that was part of their sentence. This record can keep them from getting credit, a job, an apartment, and so much more. This…

Personal Injury Case Worth

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When asking yourself, “How much is my personal injury claim worth?” you are going to have a few things spinning through your head. Like most people, you probably know about payments for damage, medical costs, and pain and suffering, but you should speak with an attorney upfront to learn just how much you will be…