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VC 23152a – California Drunk Driving Law

California Vehicle Code 23152a governs most drunk driving offenses in the state. Those who are charged with committing a DUI have a number of different resources provided by defense attorneys all over the country. The following videos provide various details about VC 23152a including maximum penalties and fines.   MacGregor & Collins, LLP 1000 Quail…

Limited Liability Partnerships Explained

Business owners don’t have a lot of free resources to get them the information they need when they need it. Luckily, business law attorneys are happy to provide the basics to those trying to gain a general understanding of certain legal concepts. Anyone planning to try and change their business partnership or make any legal…

How To Incorporate a Business

Incorporating a business can have positive or negative impacts on your financial situation, depending upon your specific circumstances. Those who are sure that they want to incorporate their business have several options to do so. The following videos can help you better understand the process and help point you in the right direction.

Benefits of Incorporating

For some, incorporating their business provides several benefits. For others, not so much. It all depends on your types of business and your personal needs. In the end, it is a choice that should be made after a great deal of thought by a person who has a full understanding of the pros and cons.

What Is a Corporation?

Sometimes a simple definition is enough to explain a concept, but if you really need to know what constitutes a corporation, an in-depth video may be for you. Business attorneys are happy to provide these types of information videos so that those seeking business law services are more inclined to retain those same attorneys for…