can i suethis Dr?

Mariah asked 4 weeks ago

I contacted my landlord towards the end of Jan. Told her I was gonna be gone From my apartment for a couple of weeks due to needing help going through some medical conditions. Come home a few weeks later in Feb to a note on the door stating I had abandoned my unit I had 7 days contact or I was Evicted everything in the unit would become her property. I contacted her in the 7 days. Also confronting her about sending someone. In my home without my consent or a notice she got mad. A few days later recieved a eviction notice . For reasons of waiting until last minute to turn paper work In the first I had even talked with her about any paper work. The note on the door said if I didn’t contact her I would be Evicted nothing about paper work. I contacted in 7 days like asked of. She denied my appeal. My bills are all caught up no finicial obligations at all. Four kids medical problems . And the cares act still protects renters in my area. But I’m not behind on rent. State code says she can’t enter without consent or a emergency repair . She says she entered to see if unit was abandoned. State code says abandon rules no contact 30 -60 days medical reasons 180 days I had contacted

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