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I moved out of my apartment in Chicago on Nov. 9. On Dec 17 I received a bill which include rent through Nov. 18, which is the date the apartment was rented to a different tenant. It also included charges for utilities for the entire time that I was in the apartment, which have already been paid. I questioned the amount owed and was told that I was charged through Nov. 18 because they don\\\\\\\’t have documentation of my 60 day move out notice. A new manager started on Oct. 1. I provided my notice to them on Oct. 7. I attempted to extend my lease by phone on Oct. 10 and was told the apartment was still available. On Oct 21 when I e-mailed management about extending my lease I was informed that they had already rented the apartment and the move out date was Nov. 9. The original move out date. I was denied access from Nov. 9 – Nov. 18. They were also supposed to take my application fees of $410 off my rent as well. When I questioned them regarding this issue they said that they showed that I was already given the $410 credit. I was never given the credit. I was in a 90 day lease and they were aware that the only way my lease could be extended would be if my contract was extended. I work 13 week contracts. I kept management informed of my plans during the time I was a tenant. Also the landlord tenant law states that the property manager has 21 days to provide the tenant with the final charges. It\\\\\\\’s my understanding that this is supposed to be an itemized statement. I never received any kind of statement until Dec. 17. I had to live in a hotel from Nov. 9 – Dec. 22. Am I obligated to pay them the amount they claim I owe? I know that the utilities have already been paid. They also never reimbursed the cost of my application fees. I appreciate any assistance I could get regarding this issue. Thank you.

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