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Will an Affair Affect my Rights in a Florida Divorce?

how does an affair affect my divorce?

  How does an extra-marital affair affect divorce proceedings in Florida? An extra-marital affair will impact a divorce in Florida when it comes to equitable distribution and sometimes alimony. An extra-marital affair really only is concerning to the court if that affair somehow impacted the finances of the marriage. Unlike most states adultery is not…

What Is Probate?

what is probate?

  Probate is the process for proving to a court that the document that is being presented is the deceased’s last will and testament. You have to prove that the deceased knew what it was and signed it under his own free will at a time he was mentally competent in front of witnesses. It…

How Much Will I Pay in Child Support?

how much you'll pay in child support

How do you determine child support? How do you determine spousal support? How is support determined in the state of California? There is a California mandatory guideline which the courts are to follow in the state of California. In child support specially is very detailed and mandated by the state legislature. Spousal support can be…