Prescription drugs

Jessica Cornett asked 5 months ago

My ex husbands family is rich and we have a daughter that he tries to keep from me .I haven’t been able to work due to medical problems. I know it was dumb but I sold my pain pills so I  could hire an attorney and I got caught.I spent 5 months in jail until my partner could come up with bail money.I have a court appointed lawyer. I have no prior drug arrests.In jail I got pneumonia and MRSA infection and spent 2 mo in hospital and now have a 25 thousand hospital bill.I am bipolar have seizures have barrett’s disease and am my moms caregiver. She has rheumatoid arthritis as well as major depression. She has no one else.My lawyer has also discovered several lies in the DEA’s report.What kind of sentence am I looking at and should I appeal if not satisfactory ?I live in nc.

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