Theft of Materials from my home by hired help

Peter F Cornetta asked 5 months ago

My wife hired a woman to clean out a large room in the basement of my house. This worker put many items in a dumpster and it was taken away. She also stole some computer manuals, desk top items, tools from my shop, and miscellaneous items from a closed cabinet (about $500.00 worth) and put them in the trunk of her car and drove away. My wife will not assist me in any way to get these items back. I contacted the State Attorney General’s office and gave them the information that I had. I also contacted the local police department and an officer came to my front door. I gave her some written information listing the stolen items. Neither the Attorney General or the police have taken any action. Is there any one or anything that I can do to in order to have the thief brought to justice and possibly get my property back?

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